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If care-giving is what you most love, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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    Positions you can apply for:


    While there is probably no stronger bond than that of a family, being a regular nanny, home-nurse or home-helper providing needed assistance to a senior or to a child creates a family-type deep connection with others.   

    Providing in-home care to families is a special calling that appeals to people who want to make the world a better place. It also offers job-seekers some real advantages, such as flexible part-time and full-time schedules, continued training and professional development, as well as competitive pay and benefits. 


    Nothing much, aside from being a parent, brings so much satisfaction than taking care of a child and helping them grow up to be respectable citizens.  Nannies create a strong bond with the children as well as the families they serve. Join us and be among our team who share the same passion of providing quality and professional childcare to our clients. 


    Spain in the Catalonia area has a weather conducive to gardening.  Note the lovely parks in the boulevards of Barcelona and even in small plots among the beautiful apartments even downtown.  Garden owners pride themselves in maintaining their lovely gardens and are willing to look for help in doing so especially for those who own bigger garden plots.  Moreover Barcelona has a temperate climate and the change of seasons offers its challenges. 

    Massage Therapist

    Our clients have stringent schedules with having just a few hours left to be at home.  This entails most of them calling on massage therapists instead of going to spas.  Moreover massage therapists have a flexible job schedule and the pay for this type of personalized service is very lucrative if a steady market is available for you. 

    Beauty Service Provider

    Our clients pride their beauty. The demands for on-call beauty service providers is high especially in our locale. More so for really versatile beauticians who can do facials, as well as nail, and hair work.  An on-call beautician has a flexible work schedule but has to be punctual when called upon. This type of personalized service can be lucrative once a steady market has been reached. 

    Hair Stylist: One of the most common demands for on-call hair stylists are for weddings and other very important occasions.  On-call hair stylists have a flexible work schedule and given the nature of personalized service, this can be very lucrative once a steady market for your services are found.  We at BCN IDEAL SERVICES understand that and we hope you do too.  If you share this vision please feel free to contact us so we can know each other better.

    Make-up Professional: On-call make-up professionals are crucial in saving many an occasion, most especially weddings.  Being a part of such a momentous occasion and being able to pull off a great piece of work creates a lasting bond between a make-up professional and their clients.  If you are inspired to take this as a career please keep in touch with us so we can get to know you better.

    Nail Professional

    Being a nail professional is an artist.  Our client base is very appreciative if you can pull off making the best of the nails of your clients.  As you know in this part of the world our clients place a big premium on staying beautiful.  Being an on-call nail professional affords a flexible schedule and are perfect for those willing to do this part-time yet having an opportunity to tap on a lucrative market once your own set of clients is steadily secured. 

    Waxing Professional: Waxing professionals are a huge demand and they always seek for them especially those who are willing to be on-call.  The schedules of professionals in this part of the world just leave them with little time to drop by saloons.  Being a waxing professional is a very personal service.  One has to be discrete as it is revealed by clients major flaws in their bodies.  This gives a very deep bond between a waxing professional and their clients assuring a steady clientele. 

    You will need to have previous experience.

    Home Chef

    Our clients are gourmands among others and demand the most delectable food that can be prepared.  Our clients do celebrate any occasion and are going to great lengths to prepare and serve the most delicious selection of continental and local cuisines to their guests.  As a home chef you help your clients stretch the budget  but still manage to get the most of the ingredients available.  A home chef has a flexible schedule and the nature of such personalized service in this part of the world can be lucrative once a steady market for your service is available.  Sounds interesting?  Please contact us so we can get to know you better and reach out to the steady market that will appreciate your services.

    Home Tutor

    Are you a teacher? Are you graduated in teaching? Our client base has a stringent school system and has traditionally lagged behind their European neighbors especially in English and Math.  Being a home tutor can be very rewarding indeed.  Being a personal teacher creates as strong bond between student and teacher.  Their families will be very appreciative of your work and this job brings so much satisfaction to practitioners.  The hours are also very flexible and the salary is higher.