Each personal introduction is made on a selective, one-to-one basis after careful consideration of factors such as social and economic backgrounds, family values and interests, spiritual beliefs and personalities. Our communication centerpiece is the online platform www.bcnidealservices.es where clients can detail their ideal candidates enabling us to timely offer staff that serves best their needs.

Our employers will be out on a weekend or for an extended time out on business or pleasure.  Having been hired to house-sit will mean considering several things that we might overlook.  One aspect are the pets.  But there are more.  Keeping up with bills, taking phone calls, making sure the house is clean by the time the clients arrive are prime considerations.  But most importantly our house sitters are professionals who will make sure the general well-being of the house and its contents are well-kept.


Hiring a house sitter can help a client guarantee coming home to a safe, clean, and pleasant surroundings while our clients are away on business or leisure.  Moreover our house sitters can maintain home upkeep as well as do agreed-upon tasks such as taking care of the pets and doing groceries and much more.

BCN IDEAL SERVICES is an online staffing agency for premium home-care services in and around Barcelona. Based on our 15+ years’ experience and recruitment methodology, we match international families with our mainly Filipino high-end nannies, fostering long-term relationships based on service quality and mutual trust.

4) Support to Both Clients and House Sitters
Our trained staff of professionals is always available to assist with any concerns that may arise during the placement process. If the client or house-sitter has any questions, they may contact us at any time during the course of employment. At the N&N, we strive to maintain our goal of achieving the highest success rate within the house-sitter/client relationship.

VIP platform members have access to a wide range of educational and support materials for home-care, an internal booking platform for additional home personnel and services such as home-therapy or home-beauty as well as a news sections on new tech gadgets that helps making home-care more efficient.

When looking for the ideal house-sitter, there are 8 characteristics that you might want to consider:  (ICONS would be great)

  • Has Attention to Details: House-sitting is not just providing a warm body to stay in the house for the sake of populating it.  There are many tasks to be done to maintain the general well-being of the house.  At any time during the course of a week many things can happen.  Be it accepting parcel deliveries, taking and tracking the mail, accepting and tracking incoming calls, keeping the house safe and clean, and most important of all, keeping the pets happy and safe.  There are just so much more to keep tabs on for the clients to assure a worry free trip away from home.
  • Enthusiastic. It takes a lot of energy to do house-sitting properly and the proper tasks to accomplish ideal house-sitting cannot be taken literally sitting down..  It will take a lot of enthusiasm and passion to make sure everything around the house in order.  After all one cannot have attention to detail if the house-sitter is not enthusiastic.
  • Can Communicate Well: Keeping home in order will demand a lot of detail.  Communication with your house-sitter is key to achieving this.  The ideal house sitter should be receptive to communication and can give feedback if something calls for it.  Moreover the client will give instructions to the house-sitter and the house sitter in-turn should be able to make recommendations under certain conditions.
  • Common sense. Like any job home keepers will have to deal with a variety of situations that will require quick-decision making on the part of house-sitters.  The best solutions require common sense solutions given in a timely and decisive manner.  A house-sitter with a high degree of common sense is handy if the client only manage to give out minimal instructions given the limited time the client will have on hand given their schedules.
  • Punctual.  House-sitters will have to report to work way before the household itinerary commences to prepare the day for all the home members.  Punctuality is the key to make sure everything is in order.  Even minding the bills will have to be on time.  Moreover once on duty the schedule of activities are done in a timely manner such that all that is needed are available at short notice.
  • Trustworthy. Usually for mobile clients leave the house with the house sitters in custodianship of all the valuables.  Hence the house sitter should be trusted to assume responsibility for everything in the house from valuables, pets, and the home well-being itself.  Crucial also is the ability to decide on how to manage visitors or other persons coming in and around the home to make sure security is not compromised either.
  • Flexible. A house-sitter should be versatile like a handyman and should be able to be strong enough to help with all possible tasks that are required for day-to-day affairs in running the house.  Being capable to do groceries, being able to cook and prepare food, looking after the pets, on top of keeping the house clean is a challenging proposition.  Moreover the house-sitter should be able to use any tools provided and home appliances properly.
  • Reliable. A house-sitter should be able to keep commitments and stick to his or her tasks until the client is fully satisfied with the results in a timely manner.  Hiring a house-sitter after all should be a value generating exercise on the part of the client and it is expected this is delivered in a timely and accurate manner throughout the duration of the tenure.


BCN IDEAL SERVICES makes sure all the details are covered. Considering all the requirements of our international clients we do a strict and rigorous vetting process to make sure that we provide a staff that can deliver the best professional service possible.

Choosing the right person to take care of your house is a crucial decision one makes.  Tools like background checks that can provide more information, common sense social media and online searches, comprehensive interviews, and reference checks are the best way make a hiring decision for something as important as care. Used together, they provide a more complete picture of a person and will help you make a more informed decision. Our basic principles are:

1) Professional Screening
When you open your search with N&N, you can be confident in knowing that we screen all references thoroughly. One of our professionally-trained placement specialists speaks personally with each reference, and a copy of all references will be provided to the client.

Each house-sitter who registers with our agency must provide us with a complete and chronological history of their employment, without any unexplained gaps.

2) Personal N&N counselor

You, our client, will always be in contact with a professional counselor who is sensitive to your needs. Our placement specialists will identify and present only candidates who meet your specific criteria.

3) Step-by-Step Guidance throughout the Hiring Process
Unlike general web services, our agency provides our clients with personalized guidance through all of the phases of the placement process. Our staff is in constant contact with both the house-sitter candidates and the client to assist with interview and trial, giving valuable feedback to all parties after meetings have taken place. We are also able to assist with identifying appropriate salaries, plus doing all paperwork for the final contract

6) Background Checks
Online listing sites, by their very structure, are unable to thoroughly screen candidates. Online databases have no barriers to entry. These websites merely list available jobs and caregivers. At N&N each candidate must match a first set of requirements and have appropriate certificates for providing a specific service. All of our candidates run through a personal screening process before being presented to any client.

Why choose us

Our mostly Filipino candidates are the most qualified, well-vetted professionals in the areas we serve, having passed a rigorous processes of screening before being part of our pool of experts. The wisdom the N&N founders gained over the last 15 years in the household staffing business enables us to find the best candidates more efficiently, saving you time, hassle, and risk.

How to prepare

Once you’ve found the perfect house-sitter for you, it is time to explain all the specific rules, like screen time guidelines, or show how everything works — like your complicated old dishwasher? You can’t be over-prepared when it comes to the care of your home.

Use this checklist below to make sure you and your house-sitter are on the same page before he or she gets started and over the first few days of work. He or she will thank you for all the specifics when something unexpected pops up. If it helps, print out this page and check items off as you complete them to ensure peace of mind and a successful start to this journey with your new home helper.

Contact and personal information

  • Exchange contact information. This includes things like home address, phone numbers (work and cell) and email for your house sitters and for all members of your family. Determine the best way to reach each other during the day or in case of an emergency. For your paperwork, you may need his or her license number and taxpayer ID number.
  • Make important numbers easy to access. Write down numbers a close friend, family member or neighbor, and keep them in an easy place to find in case he or she needs them.
  • Keep signed copies of your house sitter contract on hand. You and your house sitter should each have a copy of the signed work agreement. This should include the agreed-upon pay, days and hours for work and any extra things, such as agreed-upon housework, cooking, etc.

House rules

  • Make sure the house sitter has necessary access. Your house sitter needs her own set of house keys at least
  • Explain all housing operations. Make sure the house sitter knows how to operate the heat/air conditioning, TV, washing machine, dishwasher and any other household appliances he or she may need to use. If you expect him or her to be answering the phone a lot or taking messages, make sure he or she is aware.
  • Lay out kitchen rules. Explain which dishes and kitchenware are OK to use if he or she is going to be doing any cooking.
  • Notify your home helper of expected visitors. Be sure your house sitter is aware of any visitors you’re expecting each day. That includes pool cleaners or any other maintenance workers who may be around the house.
  • Detail all pet care. Does your house sitter needs to let any pets out to go to the bathroom, walk them or feed them? Is there any weird behavior to look out for, such as digging under or jumping fences or excessive barking?

Safety and health

  • Discuss allergies and intolerances. Remind your house sitter of any allergies or particular food issues your children or any family members may have and whether there are any items of food that are off limits, like super sugary items or your own stash of Rocky Road. For children with serious allergies, put food away that would be harmful them.
  • Go over cleaning chemicals and how to store these properly. You may need to go over the inventory of chemicals and detergents and make sure these are properly stored and used only as appropriate.
  • Agree on scope of the job once it is lifting weights is an issue. There will be certain limits that anyone can do the job if safety and health are compromised especially in the question of lifting weights.  It will be much safer for both parties if some heavy jobs are delegated to other service providers.


  • Update your auto insurance. Your auto insurance plan should be updated to cover your house sitter, if he or she is going to be driving your car.

Daily routine

  • Have a written protocol. For the first week, write down protocol until you get into a routine: Grocery days, expecting pool or on-call maintenance guy, important guests, what time to cook for dinner to prepare for your arrival, keeping track of the bills, calling or doing gardening, and others.  With proper communication the most optimum results in house-keeping will be achieved.
  • Create a collaborative calendar. Consider making a calendar for him or her (and you) to refer to and encourage him or her to add to it as she gets more comfortable. On the calendar, schedule regular check-ins with your house sitter to go over any concerns that come up.

Spread the word

  • Let everyone know about your house sitter. You will expect guests and you need to notify them to expect someone to accept them on your behalf.  Moreover he or she will be around the neighborhood and may ask them for help in case of emergency.