Garden Pool Maintenance

Garden maintenance need not be stressful.  Weeds, insects, weather, can make our beautiful gardens unsightly if not tended properly.  ….

A swimming pool is an ecosystem in itself.  But not being able to regularly tend to this can make the pool exposed to the hazard that weather, the elements, and time can bring forth.  What can be a playground or a place of rest might turn out to be unpleasant and dangerous if not tended properly.

Hiring a garden pool maintenance professional provides clients with value-added services by way of quality and timely repair and maintenance for the pool.  Moreover they can formulate plans and help guide the clients even for long term maintenance tasks such as seasonal repair requirements.

BCN IDEAL SERVICES is an online staffing agency for premium home-care services in and around Barcelona. Based on our 15+ years’ experience and recruitment methodology, we match international families with our mainly Filipino high-end nannies, and now home care professionals fostering long-term relationships based on service quality and mutual trust.

Each personal introduction is made on a selective, one-to-one basis after careful consideration of factors such as social and economic backgrounds, family values and interests, spiritual beliefs and personalities. Our communication centerpiece is the online platform where clients can detail their ideal candidates enabling us to timely offer staff that serves best their needs.

VIP platform members have access to a wide range of educational and support materials for home-care, an internal booking platform for additional home personnel and services such as home-therapy or home-beauty as well as a news sections on new tech gadgets that helps making home-care more efficient.

When looking for a garden pool maintenance professional, there are 7 characteristics that you might want to consider:  (ICONS would be great)

  •  Has Attention to Details: Garden pool maintenance entails detailed tasks as each electrical and  mechanical equipment will need fixing and basic maintenance.  Moreover the combination of chemicals to keep the pool usable is crucial for its usability.  He or she has to assist the user in cost considerations because repair cost can be prohibitively expensive.
  • Enthusiastic. It takes a lot of energy to be able to cover executing pool maintenance with attention to details. 
  • Can Communicate Well: Keeping the pool in proper working order will demand a lot of detail.  Communication with your pool maintenance professional is key to achieving this.  The pool maintenance professional should be receptive to communication and can give feedback if something calls for it. 
  • Technical Knowledge. For a pool maintenance professional to work effectively he or she should be well-versed in the technical aspect of his or her craft.  Pool is after-all an ecosystem that requires a delicate balance of chemicals and mechanical aspect to make it at least usable.
  • Punctual.  A pool maintenance professional should place a huge premium on being able to be onsite on time.  Moreover the punctuality should extend to the ability to accomplish repair tasks in a timely manner.
  • Reliable. A pool maintenance professional has to be able to deliver quality work on time all the time.  Moreover he or she must also be able to plan and anticipate future issues.
  • Can effectively work in a team:  Being a pool maintenance professional may require at times to coordinate work with other home repair professionals or with other service providers.  Most importantly on some tasks the pool maintenance professionals have to work closely with the client.

How we do it

BCN IDEAL SERVICES makes sure all the details are covered. Considering all the requirements of our international clients we do a strict and rigorous vetting process to make sure that we provide a staff that can deliver the best professional service possible.

Choosing the right person to send over to your house to do servicing and repair of your pool is an important decision.  Tools like background checks that can provide more information, common sense social media and online searches, comprehensive interviews, and reference checks are the best way make a hiring decision for something as important as care. Used together, they provide a more complete picture of a person and will help you make a more informed decision. Our basic principles are:

1) Professional Screening
When you open your search with N&N, you can be confident in knowing that we screen all references thoroughly. One of our professionally-trained placement specialists speaks personally with each reference, and a copy of all references will be provided to the client.

Each house-sitter who registers with our agency must provide us with a complete and chronological history of their employment, without any unexplained gaps.

2) Personal N&N counselor

You, our client, will always be in contact with a professional counselor who is sensitive to your needs. Our placement specialists will identify and present only candidates who meet your specific criteria.

3) Step-by-Step Guidance throughout the Hiring Process
Unlike general web services, our agency provides our clients with personalized guidance through all of the phases of the placement process. Our staff is in constant contact with both the home repair professional candidates and the client to assist with interview and trial, giving valuable feedback to all parties after meetings have taken place. We are also able to assist with identifying appropriate salaries, plus doing all paperwork for the final contract

4) Support to Both Clients and Pool Maintenance Professionals: Our trained staff of professionals is always available to assist with any concerns that may arise during the placement process. If the client or home repair professional has any questions, they may contact us at any time during the course of employment. At the N&N, we strive to maintain our goal of achieving the highest success rate within the pool repair professional/client relationship.

6) Background Checks
Online listing sites, by their very structure, are unable to thoroughly screen candidates. Online databases have no barriers to entry. These websites merely list available jobs and caregivers. At N&N each candidate must match a first set of requirements and have appropriate certificates for providing a specific service. All of our candidates run through a personal screening process before being presented to any client.

Why choose us

Our mostly Filipino candidates are the most qualified, well-vetted professionals in the areas we serve, having passed a rigorous processes of screening before being part of our pool of experts. The wisdom the N&N founders gained over the last 15 years in the household staffing business enables us to find the best candidates more efficiently, saving you time, hassle, and risk.

How to prepare

Once you’ve found the perfect pool maintenance professional, it is time to explain specific rules such as details of the work to be done, the ins-and-outs around the house, and the tools provided. 

Use this checklist below to make sure you and your pool maintenance professional are on the same page before he or she gets started and over the first few days of work. He or she will thank you for all the specifics when something unexpected pops up. If it helps, print out this page and check items off as you complete them to ensure peace of mind and a successful start to this journey with your new home helper.

Contact and personal information

  • Exchange contact information. This includes things like home address, phone numbers (work and cell) and email. Determine the best way to reach each other during the day or in case of an emergency. For your paperwork, you may need his or her license number and taxpayer ID number.
  • Make important numbers easy to access. Write down numbers a close friend, family member or neighbor, and keep them in an easy place to find in case he or she needs them.
  • Keep signed copies of your pool maintenance professional contract on hand. You and your home repair professional should each have a copy of the signed work agreement. This should include the agreed-upon pay, days and hours for work and any extra things, such as agreed-upon housework, garden work, etc.

House rules

  • Make sure the pool maintenance professional has necessary access. Your pool maintenance professional should have all the tools he or she might need and have to use.  Most importantly he or she must need access to places where the equipment in question have to be accessed and serviced.
  • Notify your pool maintenance professional of expected visitors. Be sure your pool maintenance professional is aware of any visitors you’re expecting each day. That includes other pool cleaners or any other maintenance workers who may be around the house.

Safety and health

  • Go over cleaning chemicals and how to store these properly. You may need to go over the inventory of chemicals and detergents and make sure these are properly stored and used only as appropriate.
  • Agree on scope of the job once it is lifting weights is an issue. There will be certain limits that anyone can do the job if safety and health are compromised especially in the question of lifting weights.  It will be much safer for both parties if some heavy jobs are delegated to other service providers.