Raising Children and Building a Home In These Busy Times

Raising children is a full time job.  This is a great challenge for any set of parents who have to make a living given the requirements of maintaining at least a modest lifestyle in these times.  The situation is made more difficult due to the major distuptions on normal life brought about by COVID-19.

This is most especially true during the formative years of children.  At ages 3 to 7 most especially, children begin to form their own image of the world and start to seek to carve their place in it.  Parents play an important role in this part of their lives.  But in many cases, with both parents working, help will be needed along the way.  The persons best placed to lend a helping hand are care providers that are capable of being able to teach aside from the set of skills expected of them.

  Among the most timely skills that can be learned by children at this age is the learning of functional english.  English afterall is one of the world’s foremost business language and is a key to gain access to a wider world later on.  Learning English though has its many challenges.  Teaching it offers even more challenges.  BCN Ideal Services offers qualified care providers that can be able to satisfy all these requirements.

BCN Ideal Services can call upon Filipino care providers that are well experienced, and have English as a primary or secondary language.  Moreover BCN Ideal Services does stringent screening and thorough orientation for all our service providers to adopt to the situation brought about by COVID-19.  Filipino care providers are renowned throughout the world for their professionalism and their capability of speaking multiple languages with a good command of English being among these.  

With a well-seasoned leadership backed-up by an experienced staff, BCN Ideal Services are now capable of providing specialized service providers that can do house help, nanny or babysitter, home chef, beauty specialist, massage therapist, among others.  Rest assured that we always have the best interest of our clients in mind always.  And helping to build a perfect, well-rounded, happy, and a healthy home for our clients, even at these trying times, has always been our target.

Bcn Ideal Services is a staffing agency founded by Lyn Lozano Galicia, recruitment expert and labor consultant and Manuel Silva Manzanero, lawyer and financial advisor. Bcn Ideal Services offers services such as providing a nanny, housekeeper, in house chef, beauty specialist and massage therapist. Facilitate the hiring process and mediate between the employers and employees. We also provide a wide range of legal services such as: Employment related issues, Immigration and administrative works like NIE applications, renewals and any other legal issues.